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  THE DIAPHANOIDS - Astral Weekends
THE DIAPHANOIDS - Astral Weekends     
Title:  Astral Weekends
Label:  Bear Funk
Format:  CD
Condition:  Near Mint
Released:  2000
Release country:  Uk
Catalogue nr.:  BFKCD 003
Genre:  Disco / Nu Disco / Funky / Re-Edits
Price: €7,99
In stock  

THE DIAPHANOIDS | 01 Whoops Wrong Planet 01 Whoops Wrong Planet
THE DIAPHANOIDS | 05 Im So Silver 05 Im So Silver
THE DIAPHANOIDS | 07 Where Were You In 5079 07 Where Were You In 5079
THE DIAPHANOIDS | 09 Escape From Martius 09 Escape From Martius
THE DIAPHANOIDS | 10 Pretty Radiant 10 Pretty Radiant
Product description
01 Whoops! Wrong Planet (5:04)
02 Secretly Mercurian (6:14)
03 Weightless, Motionless (6:14)
04 What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings? (4:43)
05 I'm So Silver (5:39)
06 Mermaids Of Lunaris (4:22)
Vocals Heinari Kaialiilii
07 Where Were You In 5079? (3:52)
08 Lost In My Room (7:02)
09 Escape From Martius 42 (5:28)
10 Pretty Radiant (6:46)
Vocals Livio De Amicis
11 Eau De Space N.5 (5:00)

Dope stuff! This album it's a bomb!
More cosmic than space itself!
Finally a solid full-length of nu-space disco/cosmic sound.
Think the best Tangerine Dream-Can-Neu crossed with Emperor Machine and Arpadys, Lindstrom meets Giorgio Moroder and John Carpenter, Fripp & Eno and Chicken Lips, Black Devil Disco Club and sci-fi soundtracks.
These guys aren't screwing around, they own this sound.
Sounds like they took a trip through the psychedelic,balearic and cosmic galaxies then came up with this melting pot of moon juice!
It's a great release. It's galactic zythernitrate trip music. It's big.
It seems beamed in from another planet and from a different time zone.
The Diaphanoids are a kraut band, a space rock disco band, a psychedelic vintage synth band who channel Fripp & Faust into soundtracks for lonely planets with crater filled horizons and slo-mo grooves for unearthly dance floors. dgrenzi, Oct 2008
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