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  THE DIAPHANOIDS - Mermaids Of Lunaris EP
THE DIAPHANOIDS - Mermaids Of Lunaris EP     
Title:  Mermaids Of Lunaris EP
Label:  Bear Funk
Format:  Vinyl 12 Inch
Condition:  Near Mint
Released:  2008
Release country:  Uk
Catalogue nr.:  BFK 029
Genre:  Disco / Nu Disco / Funky / Re-Edits
Price: €9,99
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THE DIAPHANOIDS | A1  What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?  A1 What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?
THE DIAPHANOIDS | A2  Mermaids Of Lunaris  A2 Mermaids Of Lunaris
THE DIAPHANOIDS | B1  Escape From Martius 42  B1 Escape From Martius 42
Product description
A1 What The Fuck Do You Want With Us, Earthlings?
A2 Mermaids Of Lunaris
B1 Escape From Martius 42

On the otherwise impeccably mixed first disc of the Rools for Rules compilation on Bear Entertainment, instead of a calm beat, there’s a rushing noise at the end of Sankt Goran’s angel babe the tin man. It announces the arrival of The Diaphanoids’ what the fuck do you want with us earthlings?, a track that stops the mix in its tracks and demands your attention. What the fuck, while of the same cosmic disco ilk, sounds murkier and somehow more cosmic, as though the tapes have been unearthed from the studio with the dust still firmly attached to the acetate.
As the novelty of the Dr. Who vibe wears off, however, the insistent and stately beat takes over and spacey synths deliver an earworm of epic proportions. Mermaids of Lunaris, is similarly off the wall, mixing sleigh bells and, presumably, the titular mermaids chanting in another language over strings and a breezy beat, while the b-side escape from Martius 42 evokes Moroder’s the chase in its unyielding energy and sighing synth line. Both have the same aged feel of what the fuck…? and both are fantastic. An excellent release.dgrenzi, Apr 2008
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