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  Help me / Info » Grading system
  • All our items are used in a good condition.

  • However, if some bad item gets shipped, just contact us and we'll fix it.

  • If you have special quality requirements, please state with order.

  • The following is probably the closest thing there currently is to a commonly accepted definition for the grading of condition of vinyl albums and their covers:

    • Sealed
      Never opened. Flawless, with no damage whatsoever.

    • M- Mint Minus / EX Excellent or M Mint
      Has been opened, but is still flawless with no damage whatsoever.
      Vinyl & CD: No visible marking / scuffing / scratches & plays perfectly.

    • VG+ Very Good Plus
      Vinyl: May have scuff marks and signs of some wear but will still play almost perfectly throughout, with only "barely detectable" crackles or pops.
      A slight noise at the begining is allowable, but the remainder must be nearly flawless.
      Definitely no scratches or gouges that a touch with a dry finger can feel.
      Cover: May only have the slightest signs of normal wear.

    • VG++
      It's sometimes used as an intermediate grade between VG+ and M-.

    • VG Very Good
      The majority of saleable albums fall under this grade.
      CD: Visible scratches but plays perfectly all the way through.
      Vinyl: May crackle, pop or make other annoying noises, but only occasionally,never continuously, and not more loudly than the music being listened to Cover: Normal used cover wear such as ring wear and split seams.
      If there is abnormal damage such as tears or markings, but the seller still feels that it qualifies as a "VG", the damage must be described in comments attached to the item.

    • G Good
      "Good" actually means "trashed" in collector circles!
      CD: one or more tracks skip.
      Vinyl: May have continuous low level crackles, pops, etc... but not so loud as to make the music completely unlistenable or unenjoyable to the casual listener.
      Might also have "nasty little scratch" causing popping on one or two more songs, with the rest of record playing fine. Cover: More than normal wear and tear.

    • F Fair
      i.e. Vinyl: Only one side playable

    • P Poor
      i.e. Only one or two songs on the whole album are playable.
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