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DAVE MCKENNA - Christmas Ivory
Format: CD
DAVE MCKENNA | 1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town  1. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
DAVE MCKENNA | 4. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow  4. Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
DAVE MCKENNA | 5. Don't Want No Blues This Christmas 5. Don't Want No Blues This Christmas
DAVE MCKENNA | 11. I'll Be Home For Christmas  11. I'll Be Home For Christmas
DAVE MCKENNA | 16. O Christmas Tree 16. O Christmas Tree

Out of stock
Price: €9,99
DAVID BENOIT - Freedom At Midnight
Format: Vinyl LP
DAVID BENOIT | A1 Freedom At Midnight A1 Freedom At Midnight
DAVID BENOIT | A2 Along The Milky Way A2 Along The Milky Way
DAVID BENOIT | B1 Morning Sojourn  B1 Morning Sojourn
DAVID BENOIT | B2 Tropical Breeze B2 Tropical Breeze

Out of stock
Price: €8,99
Format: CD
DAVIDE SANTORSOLA TRIO | 02 Encore 02 Encore
DAVIDE SANTORSOLA TRIO | 03 Rhythm Changes 1 03 Rhythm Changes 1
DAVIDE SANTORSOLA TRIO | 06 The Old Chair 06 The Old Chair
DAVIDE SANTORSOLA TRIO | 07 Falling in Love with Love 07 Falling in Love with Love

Out of stock
Price: €4,99
Format: Vinyl LP
DEBORAH HENSON CONANT | A1 hawai in the afterglow A1 hawai in the afterglow
DEBORAH HENSON CONANT | A2 caught in the act A2 caught in the act
DEBORAH HENSON CONANT | B1 night of the roses B1 night of the roses
DEBORAH HENSON CONANT | B2 anna bella B2 anna bella

Out of stock
Price: €7,99
DEODATO - Moonlight Serenade / Ave Maria
Format: Vinyl 7 Inch

Price: €4,99
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS - Violino & Pianoforte
Format: CD
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS | 02 oh no 02 oh no
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS | 03 igors boogie 03 igors boogie
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS | 06 music from eletric violin 06 music from eletric violin
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS | 07 lets make the water turn back 07 lets make the water turn back
DIEGO CONTI / MONICA DE MATTEIS | 12 presto 12 presto

Price: €7,99
DIRECTIONS - Directions
Format: CD
DIRECTIONS | 02 talking about sonny 02 talking about sonny
DIRECTIONS | 03 dummy funk 03 dummy funk
DIRECTIONS | 04 cinq rouge impair 04 cinq rouge impair
DIRECTIONS | 07 who loves ya 07 who loves ya

Out of stock
Price: €7,99
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO - Too Marvelous For Words
Format: CD
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 01 promenade 01 promenade
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 02 too marveolus for words 02 too marveolus for words
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 03 happy fruits 03 happy fruits
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 04 the last train 04 the last train
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 05 solo 05 solo
DOMENICO SANNA TRIO | 06 conception 06 conception

Price: €7,99
Format: Vinyl LP
DON GRUSIN | A1 Flight On The Raven A1 Flight On The Raven
DON GRUSIN | A2 Two Lives A2 Two Lives
DON GRUSIN | B2 Zuma Noon B2 Zuma Noon
DON GRUSIN | B3 Um Beijo (A Kiss) B3 Um Beijo (A Kiss)

Out of stock
Price: €6,99
EDDIE DANIELS - nepenthe
Format: Vinyl LP
EDDIE DANIELS | A1 Sun Dance A1 Sun Dance
EDDIE DANIELS | A3 Nepenthe A3 Nepenthe
EDDIE DANIELS | B2 The Chant B2 The Chant
EDDIE DANIELS | B4 Quit Space B4 Quit Space

Out of stock
Price: €7,99
Format: CD
EDU NEGRAO | 01 vem ver 01 vem ver
EDU NEGRAO | 05 pintado o sete 05 pintado o sete
EDU NEGRAO | 06 chorei mas achei 06 chorei mas achei
EDU NEGRAO | 10 yucas 10 yucas
EDU NEGRAO | 11 depois da chuva 11 depois da chuva

Price: €7,99
ENEA LEONE - Plays Ennio Morricone
Format: CD
ENEA LEONE | 01 C Era una Volta il West (Once Upon a Time in the West) 01 C Era una Volta il West (Once Upon a Time in the West)
ENEA LEONE | 03 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradiso) 03 Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (Cinema Paradiso)
ENEA LEONE | 04 Elena 04 Elena
ENEA LEONE | 05 Mission (The Mission) 05 Mission (The Mission)
ENEA LEONE | 07 Sean Saen (Giu La Testa) (Duck You Sucker) 07 Sean Saen (Giu La Testa) (Duck You Sucker)
ENEA LEONE | 11 Il Buono Il Brutto E il Cattivo (The Good The Ugly and the Bad) 11 Il Buono Il Brutto E il Cattivo (The Good The Ugly and the Bad)

Out of stock
Price: €14,99
FRANK SINATRA - Frank Sinatra's Greatest Hits
Format: Vinyl LP
FRANK SINATRA | A1 theme from new york new york A1 theme from new york new york
FRANK SINATRA | A3 something stupid A3 something stupid
FRANK SINATRA | A6 the lady is a tramp A6 the lady is a tramp
FRANK SINATRA | B1 strangers in the night B1 strangers in the night

Out of stock
Price: €9,99
FRANKIE LAINE - Balladeer / Deuces Wild
Format: CD
FRANKIE LAINE | 04 on a monday 04 on a monday
FRANKIE LAINE | 06 careless love 06 careless love
FRANKIE LAINE | 09 new orleans 09 new orleans
FRANKIE LAINE | 12 and doesnt she roll 12 and doesnt she roll
FRANKIE LAINE | 16 get rich quick 16 get rich quick

Price: €6,99
GEORGE BENSON  - Giblet Gravy
Format: CD
GEORGE BENSON  | 01 Along Comes Mary 01 Along Comes Mary
GEORGE BENSON  | 02 Sunny 02 Sunny
GEORGE BENSON  | 05 Walk on By 05 Walk on By
GEORGE BENSON  | 07 Sack O Woe 07 Sack O Woe
GEORGE BENSON  | 08 Groovin 08 Groovin

Out of stock
Price: €19,99
GERRY MULLIGAN - I Grandi Del Jazz - Gerry Mulligan
Format: Vinyl LP

Price: €7,99
Format: Vinyl LP

Price: €7,99
Format: Vinyl LP
GROVER WASHINGTON JR. | A1 Jamaica   A1 Jamaica
GROVER WASHINGTON JR. | A3 Sacred Kind Of Love  A3 Sacred Kind Of Love
GROVER WASHINGTON JR. | B2 Time Out Of Mind  B2 Time Out Of Mind
GROVER WASHINGTON JR. | B4 Nice-N-Easy  B4 Nice-N-Easy

Out of stock
Price: €7,99
Format: Vinyl LP

Price: €4,99
JAZZ CLUB TRIO - Standards Collection
Format: CD
JAZZ CLUB TRIO | 01 All of Me (Marks & Simone) 01 All of Me (Marks & Simone)
JAZZ CLUB TRIO | 03 Autumn Leaves (J Mercer) 03 Autumn Leaves (J Mercer)
JAZZ CLUB TRIO | 04 St Thomas (Sonny Rollins) 04 St Thomas (Sonny Rollins)
JAZZ CLUB TRIO | 07 Night and Day (c porter) 07 Night and Day (c porter)
JAZZ CLUB TRIO | 10 Days of Wine and Roses (h mancini) 10 Days of Wine and Roses (h mancini)

Price: €14,99
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