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  ALEX MILELLA - Light Shades
ALEX MILELLA - Light Shades     
Titolo:  Light Shades
Etichetta:  NBM
Formato:  CD
Condizioni:  New
Anno:  2006
Paese:  Ita
Catalogo.:  NIC 90021
Genere:  Jazz / Smooth Jazz / Fusion
Prezzo: €17,99
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ALEX MILELLA | 02 Orient Express (Chinese Way) 02 Orient Express (Chinese Way)
ALEX MILELLA | 04 Allans Worth 04 Allans Worth
ALEX MILELLA | 05 Signal for Scott 05 Signal for Scott
ALEX MILELLA | 09 Oversteppin 09 Oversteppin
ALEX MILELLA | 10 Inside You 10 Inside You
1. High Pressure
2. Orient Express (Chinese Way)
3. Inside You (Prelude)
4. Allan's Worth (to Allan Holdsworth)
5. Signal for Scott (to Scott Henderson)
6. Alti e Bassi
7. Before The...
8....Light Shades
9. Oversteppin'
10. Inside You

Light Shades, debut album as lead, of the guitarist from Italy Alex Milella.
Sound of firm steps, the guitar jack inserted in the amplifier, a switcher turning it on, and the sound not amplified of an electric guitar!
That's how it starts Alex's CD, intro to a gutsy and capturing fusion style where it's possible to listen to excellent influences from guitarists of the calibre of Allan Holdsworth, Scott Henderson and Frank Gambale.
The fast hand and the tasteful composition and execution of Milella easily stand the comparison with such distinguished colleagues.
There is always a typically Mediterranean warmth present in Alex's performances, that doesn't leave unsatisfied lovers of skilful passages of fusion, but that allows even the most demanding listeners to enjoy beautiful harmonies with noble and refined influences from a more traditional jazz.
In this album, Giuseppe Berlen on drums and Pierluigi Balducci on the electric bass give a solid rhythmic ground, while the harmonic support is left to Luca Cacucciolo's keyboards. To be noticed is the excellent participation of Michele Carrabba on sax, in two tracks.
Alex Milella has faced this first composition and execution performance with great competence and control of the instruments of a musician. He is able to give warmth and enthusiasm, not a simple thing to do in the realm of a musical genre where it's easy to fall in technicalities for the sake of it.
Enjoy listening.
Format: CD

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