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  DJ BRAHMS - Tempo
DJ BRAHMS - Tempo     
Artist:  DJ BRAHMS
Title:  Tempo
Label:  Kutmusic
Format:  CD
Condition:  Mint
Released:  2009
Release country:  Ita
Catalogue nr.:  KSP06
Genre:  Ambient / Electronica / Experimental
Price: €5,99
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DJ BRAHMS | 02 One Day 02 One Day
DJ BRAHMS | 03 Tempo 03 Tempo
DJ BRAHMS | 06 Yetala 06 Yetala
DJ BRAHMS | 08 Tapetape 08 Tapetape
DJ BRAHMS | 09 Electric Africa 09 Electric Africa
DJ BRAHMS | 10 Kalimba Dance 10 Kalimba Dance
Product description
1. Magnetic Orange 3:36
2. One Day 4:20
3. Tempo 3:07
4. Sometimes 3:53
5. Amura 3:33
6. Yetala' 3:07
7. Beyond 3:43
8. Tapetape 3:57
9. Electric Africa 4:25
10. Kalimba Dance 4:34
11. Honky Tonk in India 4:30

Started his carrier in 1982 as ethnic dj with events in Italy, and later Germany.
From 1996 has produced several records for many labels (Tribal Italia and Irma Records Cooperated with Jestofunk and he was present in many of their compilation Asian Lounge, Formentera de Dia, Rec-In Pause, Statobrado vol II- when the machine run riot, partecipation too compilation edit by Zip Dog ( eng ) Global Explorer 2 as only Italian dj and present on 30 cds with his tracks.

Collaboration with many international musicians and produces several remix for: Christophe Goze, Toires, Bijaya Vaidya, Baba Sissoko, Arz Nevez, Sena MBaye, Carlinos Brown, Enzo Rao, Tito Rinesi Rai Trade ) author and composer for many project for school and theatre .

Partecipation in Music Master use of Computer music organized from Kamerton Iris Odeon and Valentina Chiola.

Much compilation for humanitarian project in favour of Burkina Faso, Senegal, Pigmy and Forest of Congo, Ambient and ecology with project called Ecosystem and Religious project for Beato Nunzio 2008.

Partecipation dj set to Sonica International festival ,Wulstock festival of Pavia , RisonanezExpo Festival 2008 of Pescara.

Realization projects for new interpretation of electronic music also with ethno influence and new album of remix called Re-Arz for project with Yves Ribis and Arz Nevez.

2008 Partecipation to festival RisonanzExpo presentation cd Tiakuraka with participation of Vincenzo Zitello and Daniela Nicolai voice and realize cd called Ashbrah with Tito Rinesi and special guest, and Rearz remix cd with participation Nepal musician Rearz Spered cd edit from Coop Breizh (Bretain).

2009 New cd called Tempo edit kutmusic italhouse with support of Kara Johnstad the essence radio show for globalvortexradio Berlin.
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