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Title:  This Goes
Label:  Ropeadope
Format:  CD
Condition:  Near Mint
Released:  2010
Release country:  Usa
Catalogue nr.:  RAD-111
Genre:  DownTempo / Chill Out / Electronica
Price: €9,99
In stock  

FUMI-HITO (FUMIHITO SUGAWARA) | 02 Yellow Exploitation 02 Yellow Exploitation
FUMI-HITO (FUMIHITO SUGAWARA) | 03 Mr Lee Said 03 Mr Lee Said
FUMI-HITO (FUMIHITO SUGAWARA) | 09 Tomorrow Bring Another Wind 09 Tomorrow Bring Another Wind
FUMI-HITO (FUMIHITO SUGAWARA) | 13 Todo Es Arte 13 Todo Es Arte
FUMI-HITO (FUMIHITO SUGAWARA) | 14 Tomorrows old Funk 14 Tomorrows old Funk
Product description
1 Into/My name is
2 Yellow Exploitation
3 Mr.Lee Said
4 The Truth In The Deep Blue
5 Make Up Your Mind
6 Smooth She
7 You & Me
8 Scene #41978
9 Tomorrow Bring Another Wind
11 This Goes
12 The Vibe
13 Todo Es Arte
14 Tomorrow's Old Funk (Bonus Track)

This Goes is a masterpiece of a debut album.
Fumi-hito brings combines the wonders of music into an album that speaks to the hearts of the listeners.
The album must be absorbed as a whole taking it in pieces would be like driving with out a steering wheel.

From start to finish Fumi-hito knows where he wants the journey of your ears to begin and where he wants you to say - wow - by the end of the album.
Forget the mentally that single songs are the way of the future, Fumi-hito proves that wrong with - This Goes - and you better be a believer.

About the Artist
Some artists exceed the confining industry-boxes of genres, and blaze roads seldom traveled by their contemporaries. In a land of box-dwellers and one-trick ponies comes Fumihito Sugawara, or simply Fumi-hito for short. The Hiroshima-raised Fumi-hito narrates the listeners musical adventure, not with words, but through the use of sound. His sounds are his symbols as he states, - I feel a visual narrative through notes -
And its only fitting for a cat whose name literally translates to man of literature!

Currently working up his chops in the Austin-based band Afrofreque; Fumi-hito is now stretching out in his lone efforts into spaces of limitless melodic and rhythmic structures, setting an atmosphere of blissful proportions with a sophisticated style thats cinematic in structure, but funky in sound. With Fumi-hito, theres never a dull moment! His style can be seen as the outcome of a hypothetical meeting between the likes of Lalo Schifrin, DJ Logic, and Yellow Magic Orchestra. And this multi-instrumentalist offers everything that one would expect of a virtuous musical and philosophical visionary heavily influenced by hip-hop, jazz, brazilia, soul, and Japanese-folk music. Think of it as experimental genre-blending mood-music which consistently relays some story and / or message within its being. Needless to say, the world is in for years, decades, and maybe even centuries of mind-blowing and soul-thumping grooves!
This artist has chosen to take the road less traveled to create sonic timelessness in the 21st century.
Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, welcome the magnificent Fumi-hito.
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