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  MO HORIZONS - Come Touch The Sun
MO HORIZONS - Come Touch The Sun     
Title:  Come Touch The Sun
Format:  CD
Condition:  Near Mint
Released:  1999
Release country:  Ger
Catalogue nr.:  SD 037
Genre:  Latin Break / Brazilian / Afrobeat
Price: €19,99
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Product description
1 Yes Baby Yes (Sally Said) (5:00)
2 Bar Rumba (5:54)
3 Big J'aim (5:57)
4 Hold On (5:43)
5 Fever 99 (6:04)
6 Foto Viva (6:04)
7 Come Touch The Sun (5:27)
8 Walk Into Space - Pt.1&11 (6:57)
9 Oye!... Bossa (4:37)
10 Brazil (6:12)
11 Prince Charles' Latest Affair (5:20)
12 Flyin' Away (8:41)

Though Mo’Horizons weren’t the first to enter on the whole lounge-jazz scene, they were one of the first to make a name for themselves. COME TOUCH THE SUN is the evidence of why. “Yes Baby Yes (Sally Said)” is chilled and funky, with a groovy piano that hits you in just the right place. “Hold On” makes a political statement danceable, and “Fever 99” makes you dance even faster in a bongo frenzy. Their cover of “Brazil” sounds completely authentic, even with a house rhythm. Who would have thought that Germany could do Latin-America justice? “Foto Viva” makes voyeurism sexy again (if only sonically).
But in terms of pure chill out, you couldn’t do better than “Prince Charles’ Latest Affair,” a slow and sensuous affair with a breathy “Oh, Charles!” sample that makes you feel slightly dirty. That alone makes up for weaker tracks.scoundrel, Mar 2005
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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch

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