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  MANTRONIX - Join Me Please... (Home Boys - Make Some Noise)
MANTRONIX - Join Me Please... (Home Boys - Make Some Noise)     
Title:  Join Me Please... (Home Boys - Make Some Noise)
Label:  Capitol
Format:  Vinyl 12 Inch
Condition:  VG /-M
Released:  1988
Release country:  Usa
Catalogue nr.:  V-15386
Genre:  Hip Hop / Rap / RnB
Price: €10,99
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MANTRONIX | A1 Join Me Please (Noise It Up Mix) A1 Join Me Please (Noise It Up Mix)
MANTRONIX | B1 Join Me Please (Dirty Dub) B1 Join Me Please (Dirty Dub)
MANTRONIX | B2 Get Stupid (Part III) B2 Get Stupid (Part III)
MANTRONIX | B3 King Of The Beats B3 King Of The Beats
Product description
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A1 Join Me Please...(Noise It Up Mix) (4:27)
A2 Join Me Please...(LP Version) (4:24)
B1 Join Me Please...(Dirty Dub) (4:08)
B2 Get Stupid (Part III) (3:45)
B3 King Of The Beats (5:54)

Kurtis Mantronik never imagined that his "King Of The Beats" hit would achieve not only the title of Hip Hop quintessential tune, but also the status of Amen Break sample-based's first standard. The Amen Breaks line, based on the legendary breakbeats took from The Winstons classic "Amen, Brother" (1969) stayed in the shadows until "Amen, Brother" was included on Ultimate Breaks And Beats Volume 1 (1986), a quintessential compilation sery made for all the Breaks lovers.
A major piece of the history of Hip Hop, "The King Of The Beats" consolidated Mantronix as one of the essential names of the genre. The tune brought a magnificent collage of quintessential breakbeats samples from 'The Winstons Amen, Brother' s beats on the start to "Same Old Thing" by The Meters (including the quote "Same old thing! One steel is good, yo!"), "Scratchin" by The Magic Disco Machine and the beats of 'Bob James Take Me To The Mardi Gras' (1975) on the second half of the tune.
The result is a total devastation on the dancefloors that influenced an incredible amount of producers since then ("Take Me To The Mardi Gras" beats, for example, were used since then as a basic ouverture on many Hip Hop contests, and the Amen Breaks became known to a whole new generation of producers and listeners, some of which would use them on their Hip Hop, Breakbeats, Jungle & Drum n' Bass tunes). Alain_Patrick, Aug 2007
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