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  AIR FROG - Bon Voyage
AIR FROG - Bon Voyage     
Artist:  AIR FROG
Title:  Bon Voyage
Label:  Svek
Format:  Vinyl 12 Inch
Condition:  VG+
Released:  2000
Release country:  Swe
Catalogue nr.:  SK043
Genre:  Techno / Trance / Prog / Hardcore
Price: €7,99
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AIR FROG | A Bon Voyage A Bon Voyage
Product description
A Bon Voyage

I heared this record in a set of my friend Cyrix and immediately was hooked. To this day I consider this the best record I have, and judging by the way the crowd responds to it when you play this, I might be right.
The truely unmatched sub-bass in this track blows everyone away... if the sound system is decent enough to hold it.
It starts of with a very basic tribal rhythm pattern (making it a bit difficult to mix I might add) with some piano stabs to grab the attention. And just after a minute of so, that typical rolling sub-bass comes thundering in, and it keeps on pounding until the break... only to restart all over again.
Its by far one of the best techno records that doesnt need a pounding 4/4 basskick to make it threatening. Masterpiece! djnormanbates, Feb 09, 2007
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Format: Vinyl 12 Inch

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